Friday, 3 February 2012

Elegantly Wasted goes live!

Very exciting times at the moment as we are gearing up for our first ever vintage fair! We are going to be hosting a stall at the Nostalgic Mix fair in Totnes Civic Hall on 31st March.

Ben is going to have to pull his socks up for his paintbrush will be on fire over the next few weeks! We will be selling the (finally finished) school desk, some Edwardian folding chairs and chapel chairs complete with prayer book holders. We are also selling a 1930s deco style painted blanket box and a sideboard all of which have been given the 'Elegantly Wasted' treatment.

I have also been busy making banners out of old playing cards, gift tags and scouring ebay for lovely objects to suplement our furniture. We will be selling a selection of our Enid Blyton nature plates illustrated by Eillen Soper, these look gorgeous framed and are perfect for a nursery/childs bedroom.

So all in all, its going to be very exciting. I shall leave you with my latest purchase, a kitsch-tastic 1950s ballerina print tray. The question is, will I be able to part with it come March 31st..?

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