Sunday, 16 October 2011

Draw up a seat and read about our latest transformation!

We have just finished painting and waxing some beautiful chapel chairs, which we decided to premier in our local park! The chairs are Edwardian and previously spent their lives in a cornish church-so they are well blessed!

Above: The base coat.

Above: The finished results!

 We have painted them in Annie Sloan Greek Blue and think they would be ideal in anybodies kitchen , conservatory or garden. We have put the chairs onto eBay at the jolly good starting price of £50. So what are you waiting for? Grab your mouse and click your way over to eBay!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Divine Intervention

We are very excited tonight. We've just won a 19th century french benitier and vignette on ebay which we think will look divine (literally!) in the hall way. Benitiers are found inside Catholic churches, they hold Holy water for Catholics to use to make the sign of the cross upon their foreheads when entering the church. We can't wait for this heavenly parcel to arrive!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I'm Wasted!

Yay, excellent news, today we sold the monks bench for £90 - our very first sale!  Check out my hand stamped tags with our stag motif. Next up, the 1940s school desk. Ben has been busy sanding and tomorrow the first coat of Greek Blue goes on. Continuing with the 1940s school theme, we have recently purchased a complete boxed set of  Eileen Soper school prints on Ebay. If like me you went to a primary school that was built during the early fifties, you may remember seeing some of these charming relics still hanging about on corridoor walls.

Eileen Soper illustrated many Enid Blyton books and also created some Nature Plates to illustrate Blyton's lesson plans for use in infant schools (a world away from the lengthy planning I have to do now for literacy!) They are totally gorgeous and we are thinking of selling them alongside our furniture, framed. They would look amazing in a nursery or make gorgeous birthday/christening gifts.

We have decided to keep number 60 (the Christmas tree scene) for ourselves which will look just great at Christmas!

Inspired by the 40s school theme, I'm planning on rocking a Miss Jean Brodie (in her prime) look tomorrow-i'm thinking horsey-tweed-jacket-with-elbow-patches and sensible shoes. Excellent.